Educational Pieces

Portfolio Allocation Hypotheticals

When on the topic of investing, you will inevitably run into various ideals on portfolio construction. Some of the common adages even have memorable taglines, such as the traditional “60/40”. Despite potential appearances, allocating an investment portfolio amongst core asset classes is not an exact science.

Approaching Investing

Approach to investing: Over the last 10 years, I have matured from a speculative investor into a conservative, detailed and portfolio focused investor. In advance of making an investment in a company, I cover the five core areas outlined below. 1. Does the firm have a story that I can understand and believe in? In order to.

Impactful Books to Read

I try to stay well read in order to be the best investor and analyst I can be. The following three books have been impactful to me and they have all divulged important investing and saving ideologies. “The Richest Man in Babylon” by George S. Clason This book provides a unique and timeless way to.

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Crypto vs. Currency

What is currency? Just a synonym for money, and money has a clear definition within the CFA institute curriculum which is utilized around the world by some of the most highly respected members of the financial industry. The purpose of money is to purchase goods and services, and to repay debts. There are a few.