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Crypto vs. Currency

What is currency? Just a synonym for money, and money has a clear definition within the CFA institute curriculum which is utilized around the world by some of the most highly respected members of the financial industry. The purpose of money is to purchase goods and services, and to repay debts. There are a few.

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Eventbrite Pre-IPO Analysis

The upcoming IPO of Eventbrite is a unique offering to take part in the movement from material to experience. Let’s take a dive into the S-1 and see how the firm is performing thus far. The S-1 description of the firm is as follows, “We founded Eventbrite to bring the world together through live experiences..

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Trend Micro Inc.

Cyber Security plays can be on the expensive side in terms of fundamental valuation. However, a Japanese based firm called Trend Micro appears to be overlooked by market participants and hence could be an ideal stock to own in order to gain exposure to this positively trending sector. In short, Trend Micro protects, detects and.