Almond ...what?, Confirmed.
Almond Confirmed

On a rainy afternoon, not long ago, I walked a few blocks to a local coffee shop near my office and ordered an iced latte with almond milk. While the barista made the drink, I looked over a few of my top holdings on my phone and watched CNBC on the television in the shop. Once the drink was made, I grabbed it, thanked the barista & walked back to my office.

Once back, I took a few sips and grew increasingly concerned that the latte was made with normal milk, & I have not drank dairy in years. To avoid any stomach pain, I walked back to the coffee shop and asked the barista who made the drink what milk she used. She informed me it was indeed made with almond milk. Almond confirmed.

I was then able to drink my latte in peace. This small feeling of relief and success is something I want to help others feel by providing investment education and research.


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Financial Analysis

Individual firm analysis and an outlook for the stock.


Savings and investing basics

Why, when and how to invest.

Personal portfolio highlights

The top ten stocks I own, the percentage of my portfolio I've assigned them and an overview of their respective headline financial information.

Market Reviews

An overview of where major macro economic gauges currently stand and what that may mean moving forward.

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Save and Invest for your personal Goals

I started to watch stocks and financial news stations in high school, which was just before the 2008-2009 Great Recession.

Seeing how markets nearly collapsed in that time period solidified my interest in the field of finance. Since then I have worked to learn about how the economy works, how financial products work and have been fortunate enough to invest personally throughout the years. Along the way I’ve learned from both my mistakes and successes.

I strive to look at investments as objectively as possible. Linking company specific financial data and economic indicators to arrive at high quality actionable conclusions.

With my work & life experiences, along with continuous studying, I would like to help subscribers make more informed investment decisions.

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